TWIN BOAT, a challenging fast pace game released!


A brand new fast pace game is coming to town to test your thumb’s speed.We released Twin Boat on Google Play store for the Android market.

All you need to do is control the twin boat by switching its color at the same time according to incoming circles. Be careful not to collect circle while the boat’s color is different or the player must start over.

This game is the best thing is for players to play this Offline, anywhere and anytime. What are you waiting for?

Download Twin Boat on Play Store :


Roh – tap tap ghost released!

When the ghost get squashed like a bug

Hey guys, try to remember all ghosts that gave you jump-scare in the games that you’ve played because the chances of retribution has come. We released Roh – tap tap ghost  on Google Play store for the Android market.

In this game, the player will be the guardian that protects the main avatar from the ghost wave attack. The player could squash the ghost by tapping over it and gain points. There are various characters with their own of ghosts (such as infamous kuntilanak, pocong, dementor, zombie, animatronic, etc) inspired from the famous horror movie or games for the player to collect.

You can download the game on this LINK or search Roh – tap tap ghost on Playstore

Thank you very much for your support. Semangat kakak!

VOCABRAIN released on Android!

Hi guys! We’re very sorry that we disappear from you guys. Sadly, the Poop Party Time project is paused for now.

But don’t worry, we have a good news for you! We’ve surprisingly released VOCABRAIN, a vocabulary quiz app to tease your brain and test your knowledge. You can watch the game trailer here:

It’s a fun game to help the player to test their English and learn a new vocabulary by answering the quizzes. There are countless questions from basic level to advance level that waiting to be solved. We will add a set of question each week and will blog all progress that we made for our future project.

You can download the game in this LINK or search VOCABRAIN on Google Play.

Thank you very much for your love and support. Semangat kakak!


Poop Party Time

This is our prototype game that we made for the past 3 month. We made this when we have extra time out from office time or in the weekends.


Yes, i know it’s gross and crazy. Why poop? Because we live in these third world country and there’s some people who are pooping and throwing the garbage in the river. These clicker games is based on one places that we pass on our way to office. So you as a player is environmentalist that love to keep the river clean by take out the garbage and the poop in the river.


We still try to improve this game and hopefully we could release it as soon as we could. We’ll update our progress in the blog 🙂



We are a small team, consist of 3 people and try to sail the Sea of Games. We start with a simple and casual games and hopes that not only us, but many people can play and enjoy our games. There’s also upside down in the project, since we also start from zero and we still learn to develop a game that unique and engaging to all the players. We’ll explain all about our games in this blog. Feel free to share your comments in our blog.

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